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Legal secretarial services included


  Keeping and Updating of Statutory Registers Books


  Filing to ACRA all Changes in Statutory Records


  Preparing and Attending of Directors’Board Meetings


  Preparing and Taking Minutes of Annual General Meetings


  Safe keeping of Corporate Seal

The importance of the legal secretary in a Singapore company

1.As a consultant to the company's board of directors, the statutory secretary needs to guide new directors into the company in accordance with normal procedures; provide the necessary administrative support to the directors; Information is passed to each director in time to facilitate the board meeting.

2. The company's legal secretary needs to confirm that the company's operations comply with relevant laws and regulations, with the company's business interests at the core, and ensure that the company's board of directors' decisions are properly implemented.  The company secretary also needs to provide guidance on business ethics and company operations

3. Due to the close relationship between the statutory secretary and the board of directors, shareholders are most convenient to communicate with the secretary on issues related to company affairs. So the secretary needs to communicate with the shareholders to ensure that the shareholders ’interests are well considered in the company ’s operations. For example; the secretary ensures that the company ’s financial reports are sent to the company ’s shareholders in a timely manner, so that the shareholders can make good preparations before opening the company ’s annual meeting.

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— Baohe Business Secretary Service's Advantages  —

ACRA Authorized Provider

13 years Industry Experience

The only one in Singapore that provides one-stop fiscal and tax planning solutions, visual and three-dimensional transparent taxation, fiscal and tax declaration, fiscal and tax policies and preferential treatment, annual audit and annual inspection, accounting audit, fiscal and tax government allowance processing, social security and provident fund processing, work visa, salary processing, > Finance and tax planning, familiar with Singapore ’s fiscal and tax rules, using the Singaporean cultural environment to maximize the benefits for your company

To save huge costs for enterprises, Singapore recruits a mature secretary, the starting salary is generally S $ 6,000 (about and RMB 30,000), the recruitment cost is about S $ 4,000 (about and RMB 20,000), there are various And implementation of Singapore ’s preferential tax policies, etc.

— Services Provided  —

Daily affairs

If an investment company in China is unfamiliar with its area, it will involve market research, office space selection, matching the company's strategic rationalization proposal, supplier negotiation and other needs.

Government affairs

Substantially improve the ability of foreign-funded enterprises in China to handle government affairs, and avoid repeated processing failures due to lack of familiarity with the process.

Administrative affairs

Avoid wasting unnecessary time amd manpower on affairs such as finding a meeting place or coordinating customer needs due to lack of regional resources.

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